The Program

I have created a program that will support your ability to live in the present moment with grace and acceptance. The following five sessions will establish within you tools for a foundational life path and practice which encourages a life fully-lived in an authentic way. 

These five sessions are designed to establish insight into where your are in the present which ultimately enhances your ability to accept the inner goodness that you already are despite what is going on in your life. As Jon Kabbat-Zinn states: " long as you are breathing there is more right with you than wrong with you..."

The following program is designed to focus on any particular area you would like to learn more about or gain insight into. You are welcome to do just one session or all five.

Session 1: Sustenance Training

Here we take a look at exactly what you are taking in, both literally, in terms of food as well as what types of activities you are engaged in. In this session we will define what is benefiting you an what needs to be adjusted to fulfill a more lively body and a calmer, more focused mind. 

Session2: Meditation Practice

In this session you will learn the basics of Mindfulness Meditation, both formal and informal. There are so many ways to meditate and yet only one way to be Mindful. We will take the time to discover what areas in life support your Mindfulness and what modality of Meditation resonates with your lifestyle. The results of this practice are of no expectations as we focus on pure journey. Engaging and establishing a meditation or mindfulness practice is often liberating and will reveal to you the deeper beauty of your own life.

Session 3: Qigong

Qigong is an ancient practice that 80-Million in China Practice daily! It helps balance both Body and Mind and can be a real benefit to any who choose to learn some of the simple or complex movements.   

Session 4: Deep listening

While this may sound simple, it is perhaps the most profound thing I to offer you. 

Most of us need to be deeply listened to, yet are never truly heard. Conversely, there is much to learn about how to listen deeply to others. Here we will discover not only how to listen with compassion, but also to ourselves. Deep listening starts with a deeper sensing of our true feelings,  cultivating compassion towards ourselves. And when we have some of the tools for our own internal discovery, we're more able listen deeply to others. Deep Listening IS one of the most valuable aspects of life that any of us can develop, and is a sincere practice. 

Deep Listening is so powerful that hearts can be melted.

Session 5: Checking In

This is where we take a look at what has been learned. It is a time to discovery what's been working and what's been challenging, and how this new process of beginning to live in your highest potential is taking shape. Acceptance and Authenticity, Reflection and Realization, Practice and Path, Compassion and Love. This is a stepping-off point. You are ready to employ these new tools to continue to make your life more amazing than you had ever dreamed of; accessing the internal divinity that you have always embodied, which is now supported by these new tools for moving into and Living your Highest Path.

Program Services are based on a sliding-scale.

No one is ever turned away. 

This work is for the benefit and Wellness of All Beings.

I offer Phone Consultations as well


To apply for a sliding scale for all five sessions, or for a single session, please send me an email outlining what your interest in Life Path Counseling is and what you are able to contribute.

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