Welcome to Your Highest Potential

Welcome to a new way of living life. Choosing to live life with an open heart leads to discovering our highest potential both personally and professionally in mind, body and spirit. As your personal guide in this process it is an honor to witness you moving into your highest potential. 

How we respond to and blend our life with the outer world and community, often relates to how we view and feel about ourselves. Discovering and living our most authentic path in life is a continual process that requires attention and practice. This practice takes willingness and time, yet is worth cultivating. Through sustenance & mindfulness training, acceptance, and presence, we will begin to walk our path of highest potential with grace and compassion. With these foundational skills, combined with the proper balance of nutrition, rest, and activity that's right for our particular mind-body type, we create our practice for optimal wellness and peace. 

Many of us (myself included) are coping with body pain. I am so excited to share with you what I have learned in practicing Qigong and Meditation - both have revealed amazing potential in managing, decreasing and even eliminating physical pain. A Ginger Buddha Pain Management Blog has been created to share what I have been studying along with information about how to manage pain in our lives. I welcome you to visit there often, follow, comment and ask questions.

As a trained Chef, Teacher, Artist, Bladesmith, Qigong and Meditation Practitioner, my own journey has been one of focus on the internal emotional processes of life. I have personally gone through significant transformation and found that, after many career paths, that my calling is to aid others in establishing a joyful, healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

We are all connected to each other in a profound way. The choice to practice living our lives in oneness is imperative to reaching our highest potential, and to accepting everything in the present moment. As we gain a deeper acceptance of ourselves and those around us, we begin to blossom,  finding peace and harmony within and outside ourselves. 

It is a blessing to aid you in establishing an authentic lifestyle, where insight becomes a welcome part of your daily experience. Cultivating this practice will instill a happy countenance, reflecting to others sincere compassion and love for life itself.

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